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I believe that everybody learns at different paces in different ways. This is why I am creating two different platforms where myself and my incredible spiritual team can bring you courses, workshops, programs and live events that can help you to ascend to higher levels and discover your true self. This is done through my "Superconscious Success Academy" and "Universal Consciousness Workshops" site.


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Our Content Within These Platforms Will Help You With The Following:

Conscious Parenting

Are you a parent struggling and wondering whether your parenting style is the best style. Myself and my spiritual team member Ilene (parenting coach) will show you through many different avenues (courses, programs, workshops and free content) how you may practice the conscious parenting model instead of the traditional authoritarian or passive approach. You will start to be able to rebuild your relationship with your child and at the same time truly discover who you are, set boundaries and become the best parent you can be.

Decluttering and Feng Shui

There are many factors that can block your ability to manifest abundance and happiness in your life. However, one of the more recognised reasons now is clutter and disorganisation. When your environment is cluttered, not only is your mind cluttered but the energy is not able to flow freely. Feng Shui is a chinese art which works on the bagua and the energy centers within your environment. I am hugely passionate about both decluttering and feng shui so I will bring you content through my courses, programs, workshops and free content showing you how you can harness them both.

Empaths and Energy

Are you an empath that struggles with managing the energy and emotions around you? Do you constantly have to deal with energy vampires and narcissists and you have no idea how to reclaim that energy that you have lost? If so, I know how you feel. Both myself and my spiritual team member Lisa are both empaths that have dealt with these energies consistently and have really worked on discovering how to reclaim our power. We will both help you reclaim that power through our courses, programs, workshops and other free content.

Health and Wellness

With me being a naturopath and personal trainer, as well as a spiritual life coach I understand the importance of health and wellness. Although I believe from a 5D perspective that illness is not an option and that our bodies are capable of healing anything that happens to us, we do still live in a 3D world where issues may pop up and we may need to focus on improving our health. Therefore, through our courses, programs, workshops and free content I will help you to heal different issues, release weight and become the healthiest version of you. Mix that with spirituality and you are powerful.


Are you struggling to manifest wealth, health and abundance into your life? Do you continue to manifest lack in your life? Have you heard about quantum physics but you are not sure what it is all about? Myself and my spiritual team Eleni Yiambilis and Karl Gruber will bring you a variety of courses, programs, workshops, retreats and free content that will help you to utilise the law of attraction and other universal laws to manifest your best life. You will not only learn about how to manifest, but also techniques that will allow you to remain in high vibrations and manifest.

Mindset/Limiting Beliefs

Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again? Do you find that you are stuck in a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset? Do you have some limited beliefs that are stopping you from manifesting the money you desire, the health you deserve and the relationships you crave? Did you know it is our belief systems which determine what our current reality looks like. Myself and my spiritual team member Christopher Salem will bring you a variety of courses, programs, workshops, retreats and free content to help you alter these beliefs, attitudes and values to bring success.

Personal Development

Are you struggling with figuring out your life purpose, discovering your passions, managing your emotions or even simply just being happy? Would you like to learn about goal setting, altering your habits or creating a mission statement? Do you want to build your confidence, resiliency and self esteem/self worth? If so, myself and my spiritual team member Christopher Salem will show you how to do this through our variety of courses, programs, workshops and free content.


Are the relationships in your life not meeting up with your desires? Do you lack the ability to communicate with other people or are you struggling to have an honest, loving relationship with yourself? Are you having a hard time finding your soulmate or somebody that you can love and that loves you back equally? If so, through our variety of courses, programs, workshops and free content I will help you to rediscover the relationship you have with yourself and teach you communication skills that will help you build healthy relationships.


Are you struggling to tap into the power of your higher self or hear the messages sent to you by the divine? Would you like to tap into your spiritual side, therefore helping you to live a life of freedom and ease? My life purpose is one of connection and in helping you connect to that higher part of you and to the divine so with the help of my spiritual team members Eleni Yiambilis and Karl Gruber we will teach you about connecting to those higher powers, developing your intuition, rebalancing your chakras and so much more...


Is your business not working out the way you would like it to? Are you struggling to find ideal clients and bring in the income you are desiring? Are you having trouble figuring out what direction you want your business to go into or how to alter your mindset to be one of success and growth instead of one of failure and lack? Do you need help working out how to build success in your business, then I have good news for you. Myself and my spiritual team member Christopher Salem will bring you courses, programs, workshops and free content to help you do just that.

Wealth Creation

Are your finances a little lack lustre right now? Do you find yourself stuck in a poverty mindset instead of one of wealth and abundance? Are you struggling to pay your bills and living from paycheck to paycheck? Would you like to know how to manifest wealth and abundance in your life? Like everything, money is simply energy and so with the assistance of my incredible spiritual team and the variety of courses, programs, workshops and free content we can show you how you can finally manifest the sort of ealth you are desiring.

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