About Jen

Hi there!!! Welcome to my personal site... I guess it is only fitting that I tell you a little about myself. I am a qualified spiritual coach, law of attraction practitioner and naturopath, all the way from Perth, Australia.

I have 2 amazing teenagers (Jayman who is 18 and Amelia who is 16) and the most incredible husband in the world.

Spending a majority of my life growing up in outback Australia, living alongside indigenous Australians I learnt to appreciate the wide variety of people we have in this most miraculous world. I have always been a very positive and optimistic person after having 2 of the most incredible parents in the world.

However, it wasn't until about 4 years ago that I started to recognise that I was living from an almost pure ego-centred world and not from one of spirituality and faith (although I did grow up in a religious household and I always believed in Christ). At this point I realised that I was actually a soul living a human experience and this has caused me to spend the last 4 years working on myself spiritually and learning how to connect with my higher self and with source on a deeper level. 

I began to realise that my greatest purpose in life is one of connection and of helping and inspiring others to also reach spiritual awakening and affect the collective consciousness in a completely positive way. Now I am in constant communication with my angels, my higher self and with source and I am living in an almost constant state of flow.

Superconscious Success is a brand I have created, alongside the Superconscious Success Academy and the Universal Consciousness Workshops to help you reach those levels of enlightenment that we are all entitled to live and to manifest our dream life incorporating the laws of the universe and our superconscious.

I am so grateful for the life I have because it allows me to be in constant communication with amazing people. I have a beautiful spiritual team that work alongside me to create the incredible content we have, including Eleni, Ilene, Lisa, Chris and Karl.

You will see them mentioned frequently in the gazette and the other programs offered.

Spirituality and Manifestation Life Coaching

My passion is helping you tap into the powers of the universe, the powers of your higher self and the unlimited potential of source. To do this, I have a variety of coaching packages available.

Content Creator and Podcaster

I love creating content, both free and premium and so regularly create courses, workshops, programs, intensives, podcasts, blogs, gazette, inner circle, summits and other content, both free and premium.


I have 9 books published on Amazon in both the spiritual and health and wellness field. I absolutely love writing and so plan on writing many more books in the coming years.

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